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 Into the Nothing

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Into the Nothing Empty
PostSubject: Into the Nothing   Into the Nothing EmptyNovember 30th 2009, 10:26 pm

I though I'd make some use of one of our rarely used sections and post up a portion of my current work-in-progress (one of many, that is).

---------------------------- Prologue -----------------------------

"Zachary Fair, SOLDIER Second Class." Genesis murmured, thumbing through a thick manila folder. "Six foot three, black hair, blue eyes...exhibits puppy-like behaviour?" Genesis laughed slightly at the comment, made by none other than the boy's raven haired mentor himself, Angeal Hewley.

He, Genesis Rhapsodos, was elected the leader of the up-and-coming mission to Wutai, in which he would be taking a large group of both Second and Third Class SOLDIERS. It just so happens that Angeal hadn't wished for the young Second to be on the mission (read: vehemently protested) but Lazard had quickly directed all complaints to Genesis himself, saying that he had requested that Zack Fair be on his team.

When Angeal had confronted him about it, the auburn haired man merely shrugged and answered him with a simple "I need someone good, Fair fits the bill." and left it at that. Angeal hadn't been pleased with the reply, but when Genesis had given him an invitation to convince him otherwise, Angeal had all too readily dropped off a detailed version his only student's folder for his thorough inspection, in hopes that the auburn haired SOLDIER would leave Zack off the mission list.

Relaxing back into his seat, Genesis let out a sigh. He had a long night ahead of him, if the weight and size of the folder was any indication.

"I'll get you for this, Angeal."
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Into the Nothing
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