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 Rise of Division: A Hero's Tale Unfolds (Reuploaded)

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Rise of Division: A Hero's Tale Unfolds (Reuploaded) Empty
PostSubject: Rise of Division: A Hero's Tale Unfolds (Reuploaded)   Rise of Division: A Hero's Tale Unfolds (Reuploaded) EmptySeptember 4th 2009, 9:08 am

Author's note:

This is originally on YAF and my DA. Decided to see about uploading chapters here.

This is a slightly modified version of the original. It is not to be criticized as "Short" or "boring" at any time, I'm in college after all.

This was originally meant to be a joke, but seeing as I got good feedback, I continued. It is currently nearly halfway completed.

=reason(s) to discontinue if needed=

~Lack of internet/computer
~Lack of Time
~Lack of Ideas (i swear these three are common for some writers)
~Harsh criticism

A couple of other things, this is not to taken seriously, it's purely my opinions about my characters and what goes on between them. It's meant to devolve back-story.

One last thing:
At times content in the story may change if I see fit, I'll submit a notification is so.

Sit back, read on, and enjoy the story.

===Prologue: Suspension===

"There..test subject's vitals are stable"
"Excellent to hear that, make sure they stay stable"

There is a dark void from his perspective. He couldn't see anything in particular, but faintly heard voices that were speaking. His mind was for the most part was dormant, but slightly alert. His breathing was slow and relaxed, showing no signs of any prior medical problems that might have been expected given his state. As for his condition, it was a matter of whatever or not it was currently known if he was "well" due to the fact he remembers nothing. There was no memory for him to recall, all he could think of was the dark empty void of his current view.

"His breathing seems relaxed and functioning normally, it must be the medicine taking effect."

"Medicine?" He manages to ponder a single though using little effort to do so, unsure of what it meant, puzzled by this, but not wanting to think more of such a thing, he relaxes silently, trying to avoid making any signs of self-awareness to whoever it was that spoke without warning.

What could this voice be referring to? Was he put on drugs for a certain purpose that's unclear to him? It must have something to do with how he is now, there wouldn't be any other way..

"Perhaps, but are you sure you gave the proper dose to him?"
"I am sure. 200mgs is the needed amount."
"excellent, we won't have to worry then."

"Proper dose? of what? 200..mgs? Worry..?" More thoughts invade his head, driven by both curiosity and a slight panic.

"Was I..given something? Why this amount? What does whoever said that mention about worry..?" His mind floods with questions.

"Shall I prepare him for more tests?"
"No, that wont be needed at all."

The voices continue to speak in their calm, if slightly confident tone.

Some footsteps were heard approaching. A third being appears to have muttering in a near deafening tone to the two other beings present, he couldn't make out on what exactly the muttering was..Only the possibility that it wasn't with good intention considering the charmander couldn't remember anything that has happened to him..

"Right away, he should be fine here.." One of the voices mentions, a few seconds pass, then three sets of footsteps were heard growing fainter and fainter with every second that passed. He could conclude that the beings were leaving him, in whatever state he was in.

This charmander was yellow skinned in color. There was fur on most of his body oddly enough and hair on his head. Other than that, not much was known about him. The Charmander wore no clothes nor accessories at all.

He took a moment to analyze his situation.. He was breathing alright, and he wasn't in any major pain that he was aware of. The only thing he had to take note of was a small pain near the sides of his left arm, it was a constant pain, it felt like a prick from a small point. The charmander made the assumption this was a syringe injecting him with whatever medicine he overheard the beings speak of earlier. He then releases he felt wet all over his body, like the pain his arm, this too was constant, it didn't hurt him, it just felt odd to him. He concluded he was submerged in a substance, and on some kind of Life support to enable for him to breath while he was submerged in whatever liquid he felt. The substance felt cold for him to bear with, but it wasn't freezing at all. He felt he could handle with whatever substance he was in for now, it didn't feel to him to be life threatening.

He wanted to try to open his eyes, to see where he was exactly, but hesitated..he was unsure if he truly wanted to know where he was being kept, if he was safe..if he was fully alone or not. Then there was something on his mind above all else that he wanted to know more than anything else right now..


Little is known currently of how exactly he came to be where he laid adrift in suspense.. It was wondered if he should seek the truth or not..and what would be the consequences for doing so..
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Rise of Division: A Hero's Tale Unfolds (Reuploaded)
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