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 >>>GENERAL RULES! *Updated*<<<

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>>>GENERAL RULES! *Updated*<<< Empty
PostSubject: >>>GENERAL RULES! *Updated*<<<   >>>GENERAL RULES! *Updated*<<< EmptyNovember 7th 2007, 7:10 pm

These are WPF's rules. It's easy to follow them, not doing so might earn you a ban.

1. Less than five character posts are considered spam on all forums, excepting the Forum Games section.

2. Try not to go off topic for more than six posts. If you do so, the topic might be split.

3. Quoting without commenting is spam.

4. You can swear, as long as it's not flaming or insulting someone else.

5. Avoid double posting, if you want to add something, use the ''Edit'' button. Fan fictions are the exception, but only by the author. You can double post (bump) after 24 hours.

6. You cannot advertise other forums/sites on topics, only on your signature.

7. Adult content is not allowed. (Exception: Mature Forum)

8. No multi-accounting. That could earn you an IP ban.

9. Signatures can't contain more than 10 lines of text or pictures larger than 500 width x 300 height pixels, and cannot exceed the sidebar's height.

10. Have fun and post a lot! ^^

If you break the rules, the Warning Bar on your Profile will eventually fill up. When that happens, you'll be banned. Depending on what you did, you may get a temporal, permanent, IP, ISP or Area ban.

More rules will be added if they're needed.
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>>>GENERAL RULES! *Updated*<<<
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