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 Aximy, my Kingdom Hearts OC.

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Should I use Aximy in a story?
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Aximy, my Kingdom Hearts OC. Empty
PostSubject: Aximy, my Kingdom Hearts OC.   Aximy, my Kingdom Hearts OC. EmptyOctober 30th 2008, 11:57 pm

*BEWARE* Kingdom Hearts stuff here. You have been warned.

Name: Aximy.

Age: 14

Title: The Discrete Logician.

Homeworld: Twilight Town.

Appearance: Long, flowing black hair. Small scar across eye (like auron's! :3), about 160cm tall. Heart birthmark on hand. Amythest eyes with persian red spots. (Sorry, i looked up red-purple on Wikipedia.)

Element: Insomnia.

Weapon: Dual Katana, attached to long chains.

Weapon Description: Black chains, black katana. Everything's black.

Background info: Brought up in Twilight Town, she thought she was normal. Until a heartless attack rolled in. They didn't attack anyone else. Only her. She woke in the dark depths of The World That Never Was nine weeks later.

Other: Loves to read and write. Hates sunny days, loves the rain and night. Quite reserved, and antisocial. Sings when alone. Willing to use katana on ANY occasion, needed or not. Loves magic. Loves black. Likes to draw.

This is MY character. No touchy! MINE! But you may use her as a cameo. If you so wish. (Like hell you would, though.)

Vote if you think Aximy should be used in a story!

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Aximy, my Kingdom Hearts OC.
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