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 Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin

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Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin Empty
PostSubject: Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin   Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin EmptyJanuary 11th 2008, 6:40 am

Here's the status of the contest:

jasp10agsto - Invited one member (waltherwrsp_wopa)

There has been a little response from everyone, maybe if I delay the finishing date of the contest to undefinied...? Yes, that would be it, the finishing date of the contest has been set to undefinied.

Remember the rules of the contest:

1. The person(s) you invited must send me a PM saying ''[Your name here] invited me to join this forums'' or something like that.

2. Don't create multiple accounts for this, becuase I can see IP adresses and I'll know if you're cheating. If you cheat, you will be automatically retired from this contest.

3. Invite the most to win!

Also, remember that the winner and the second place get unique once-in-a-lifetime trophies and a special status with (maybe) moderator privilegies. Will you miss the chance?

Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin T866wiInvite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin 2ezkxld
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Invite 'n' Get Contest Bulletin
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